TeKGameR950's mods

banner image for the PlayerCompass mod
PlayerCompass by TeKGameR950

Adds a compass at the top of your screen to locate your friends more easily

banner image for the GroundSearch mod
GroundSearch by TeKGameR950

Allows you to search the ground anywhere to find mud or small stones.

banner image for the NoItemDurability mod
NoItemDurability by TeKGameR950

Remove the durability and spoil feature of the game.

banner image for the AnthillKill mod
AnthillKill by TeKGameR950

Lets you destroy anthills with melee damage after 5 hits.

banner image for the SteadyAim mod
SteadyAim by TeKGameR950

Increase your odds of survival with better aiming while using the bow.

banner image for the MoreCarryWeight mod
MoreCarryWeight by TeKGameR950

Allows you to define a custom carry weight for your inventory/backpack.

banner image for the OnScreenStats mod
OnScreenStats by TeKGameR950

Displays your player stats on the screen (Water, Carbo, Fat & Proteins)

banner image for the DisableHUD mod
DisableHUD by TeKGameR950

Adds a command to disable the game interface, Useful to take screenshots!

banner image for the Unlimited Playercount mod
Unlimited Playercount by TeKGameR950

Expands your coop server slots from 4 to 999

banner image for the UnrestrictedBuilding mod
UnrestrictedBuilding by TeKGameR950

Allows you to place structures anywhere and remove the building height limit.

banner image for the KeepInventory mod
KeepInventory by TeKGameR950

Prevents your inventory from dropping on the ground when you die, So you will keep it.

banner image for the Save Anywhere mod
Save Anywhere by TeKGameR950

Adds a command and a button in the escape menu to save the game without a shelter

banner image for the NotepadUnlocker mod
NotepadUnlocker by TeKGameR950

A simple mod to unlock everything in the notepad.

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